Fun storage solutions to excite the abode

There is one thing that most will agree with no matter what size home that they live in; there is never enough room for storage. Tabletops and floors get cluttered with papers. It seems like anytime that a surface is cleaned off someone in the household sees fit to fill it up again.

The search for attractive storage solutions can be never ending. Simple shelves can appear sloppy when items are stacked on them.

MOBOS has come to the rescue storage solution with creative systems to decorate the walls with.

  • “Made from recyclable steel and non-toxic coatings, MOBOS® are proud to be made in the USA.”
  • MOBOS creates modular storage for both inside and out.
  • Mix and match MOBOS® designs to create unique wall art that doubles as storage
  • There are many shapes and colors to choose from that easily hook on and off your choice of bar length.

There is a MOBOS design that works in every room, inside and out.

  • “Use MOBOS® to store cookbooks in the kitchen, stash toys in a playroom, or house DVDs. MOBOS® make a great gift or a modern home furnishing while providing functional storage.”
  • “MOBOS® also make ideal outdoor flower boxes and are easy to take on and off your home for planting and watering.”

MOBOS colors and shapes are available as bins, cabinets, hooks, shelves, and magnets

MOBOS bins are a marvelous way to stow your things while providing contemporary wall art. These boxes are open at the top so you can easily store or even conceal items and still make a stunning presentation in any space.

With holes in the bottom for drainage, MOBOS® bins make ideal window boxes and you can plant directly in them.”

MOBOS® cabinets are completely enclosed with a hinged front door. “This allows you to store items inside as well as atop these cabinets.”

“MOBOS® hooks are a must-have for your MOBOS® system. They hook right onto MOBOS® bars and are perfect for hanging various items. Sold as a 3 piece set. The set includes 1 circle hook, 1 square hook and 1 triangle hook.”

“MOBOS® shelves are ideal for storing books and other items you want to show off. A punched circle design is contemporary and fun. Hooks onto MOBOS® Bars.”

“MOBOS® magnets come in 4 fun colors and a variety of shapes. Stick ‘em to the front of your MOBOS® boxes to make a statement.”

Have fun creating your own MOBOS system online choosing shapes and color to custom make your own piece of storage art!

  • Choose a bar length
  • Select the shapes of boxes to place on the bar
  • Pick the colors you want for your MOBOS boxes
  • When you are finished you can buy your custom MOBOS setup and print your order.

MOBOS makes installation very easy

  • MOBOS® bars come stud width apart for easy install. They also fit most windows. Necessary screws and directions are included.”

Create a wall of art and flowers that doubles as wonderful storage solutions. Have fun with your creative side. Get the papers and toys off of the floor and onto the walls in pretty storage boxes and cabinets. 

Enjoy your new well organized abode. Get onto the cleared floors and never be afraid to dance!

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