Toilet tissue beyond white: Colorful life for the abode

There is more to life than just living in a grey existence. People have learned to speak their minds. Some folks have a clear black or white outlook while others add a bit of color commentary to the debate.

Attitude reflects how one dresses, and can give insight into their abode’s décor appearance.

Decor also includes much needed supplies such as toilet paper for the water closet.

The secret is out; toilet paper is not only white anymore.

Nor do we have to settle for cutesy little patterns that have been inflicted on us in the past.

Be chic and make a décor statement with your toilet paper.

Extra Colorful sells Renova toilet paper in black and an entire rainbow of color choices.

The toilet paper has been “dermatologically and gynecologically” tested. It is available in 3 roll or 6 roll packs, is very soft and absorbent with 3-ply base sheets made from 100% biodegradable, virgin pulp that is chlorine-free and entirely recyclable. All colors are colorfast for its intended use.

  • Black: exudes elegance in any décor, including the bathroom
  • Green: lime green color provides a soothing and relaxing color to the bathroom
  • Yellow: wakes you up with the morning with the color of sunshine
  • Blue: the color of water is a perfect fit for the bathroom
  • Orange: a trendy color of orange to the bathroom’s decor adds excitement
  • Red: bring some romance to the bathroom with the color of love
  • Fuchsia: a bright color that invokes independence and creativity

Check out the custom toilet tissue design option

Design your very own toilet paper with a monogram, quote, or artwork. Be creative and surprise guests with something to look at as they take a seat. Wouldn’t this be a fun gift to give to wedding guests!

A redecorating project can be as easy as starting with changing the color of the toilet paper. Find your color and run with it. Buy new matching towels and a colorful shower curtain. Bring the color into the rest of the abode’s rooms with colorful pillows and throws.

Let your inner being sing with color and never be afraid to dance!

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