Create a gallery of memories to adorn the abode

The New York City Municipal Archives has created a wonderful online gallery of over 870,000 images for anyone around the world to peruse to conger up past memories of yesteryear.

Explore the many photos and media to see if you can uncover photos of family and homes of past generations.

“Selected from the world-class historical collections of the Archives, most of these unique photographs, maps, motion picture and audio recordings are being made accessible for the first time. Visitors are invited to explore and search the collections individually, or across all collections by keyword or any of the advanced search criteria. The gallery includes many complete collections; for others, only representative samples are currently on display. Visitors are encouraged to return frequently as new content will be added on a regular basis.”

What makes this gallery really special is that anyone can purchase reproductions of photos to use for home decoration and as gifts.

 Simply fill out an order form to order prints.

“The Municipal Archives produces archival inkjet prints on a heavyweight semi-gloss paper unless other arrangements have been made in advance.  Patrons desiring special services (oversize prints, special cropping, high resolution scans, etc.) should contact the Municipal Archives before ordering.”

Check out the tax photographs

“Between 1939 and 1941, and again in the mid-1980s, the city photographed every house and building in the five boroughs. Photographic prints of these unique images are now available for purchase.”

Create a beautiful gallery wall for your abode with photos of past memories.

  • Find the neighborhood, or building, that you or your relatives grew up in.
  • Perhaps a beautiful park setting will bring back memories of a happy occasion.
  • Remember when you wanted to be a Fireman? Check out the old fire trucks from the past.
  • Take a step back to simpler times when street sweepers where actually men who swept the streets.
  • Celebrate the memory of the war veterans marching in parades.
  • Reproductions of World War II era posters will be a constant reminder of how we all gathered together to fight for our right to live in a democratic society.

Enjoy taking a stroll down memory lane. This is a wonderful chance to take an outing with all of the generations of your family right from the comfort of the home computer. Take pleasure in sharing and listening to the stories of the past that the photos may conger up.

Celebrate the past; never be afraid to dance!

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