Color blocking decor ideas for a mod abode

This year color has popped, showing up with blocks of brightness in fashion and furnishings.

Color blocking has become the “it” hot trend.

Piet Mondrian, a Netherland abstract painter born in 1872, is actually the father of the color blocking technique that inspired Yves Saint Laurent.

composition by Piet Mondrian

Mondrian became famous as an artist practicing the principles of Neo-Plasticism. He is best known for painting squares of colors in geometric blocks of primary colors outlined with a thin black line. As he evolved he would play with painting the same color between a few black lines. With his final painting, Boogie Woogie, he removed the black lines completely. This was his last work before passing away in New York City in 1944.

Yves Saint Laurent made color blocking vogue with the fashion of the mod 1960’s.

Yves Saint Laurent

Laurent was greatly influenced by Mondrian’s works, bringing them to life on the runway.

The partridge Family brought it to the masses watching their cool color blocked painted bus on TV from living rooms around the world.

Color blocking is a wonderful tool to use when decorating; there are many options when using the color blocking technique.

Color blocking designs have been reinvented for a new generation.  No longer is color blocking only in the bright primary colors and blacks lines of a Laurent dress or Partridge Family bus.

Monochromatic color blocking is using one color in different hues to decorate a room.

  • Paint an accent wall in a color.

  • Use another hue of the same color in a sofa.
  • Add more hues of the color with accessories.

Contrasting color blocking is using two or more distinct colors.

  • Paint the room in a blue.
  • Add a sofa in a green.
  • Accessorize with individualized colored pillows and/ or drapery, and area rugs in different bold colors.
  • Be adventurous and paint each wall in a different contrasting color.


Color blocking patterns add fun with fabrics, art, and murals in contrasting colors ready to decorate.

  • Paint a color blocked wall mural with geometric squares and patterns.

  • Hang a geometric work of art as a centerpiece on the wall.
  • Decorate with pillows and bedding in color blocked patterned fabric.


Color blocking color schemes can be bold using complementary colors or analogous colors.

Complementary colorsare opposites. Look at a color wheel to find opposite colors such as red and green, or blue and orange.

complementary colors, trendir

Analogous colorsare the ones next to each other on the color wheel that blend calmly together.

an analogous colored wall, cootattoo

Be creative using your own style and preferences when decorating using a color blocking technique.

  • If you prefer neutrals then color block using neutral colors like grays, whites, and beiges, instead of bold colors.
  • Do not be afraid to mix a bold color in with neutral colors.
  • Add a metallic gold or bronze to bring color blocking decorating into this century.
  • Do individual rooms in different color block hues; have a yellow hued room next to a blue hued room.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bring home a few color sample swatches to have fun choosing different colors for your blocking project. Paint is a great way to refresh the décor and a budget-friendly way to redecorate. Add some funky color blocked pillows and new area rug to update the abode’s fashion. Color Blocking is about fun. Bring out your inner artist and have a creative time decorating the living space.

Celebrate the colors around you and never be afraid to dance!

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