Bathroom fixtures to illuminate the abode: Eco-friendly too

Not only does every abode deserve to be unique in its design, it should also be fun and provide surprise as folks enter a room. The home longs to stand out when showing off the décor’s fashion. A room should shine and what would work better than to have a spot light on center stage.

Mix light with water and create a show that will impress.

Check out the LTT illuminated fixtures by designer Jan Puylaert at

  • Cool and unique sinks and a self standing bathtub formed from polyethylene; Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, and non-toxic.
  • Indestructible, child friendly, it is very easy to keep clean, and light-weight.
  • Fixtures come in an assortment of glowing colors to blend with the décor motif.
  • Turn the room lights out for a true dramatic performance.

Light Basin

Light Basin
  • A small illuminated wall hung sink that will light up a wall

Light Tub

Light Tub
  • A wonderful free standing bathtub that will add drama to the room; sink into a soaking tub as it baths you in light.

Fusion Spaghetti Sink

Fusion Spaghetti sink
  • Cool coiling up free standing sink that looks like it is wrapped with a string of spaghetti; in a choice of green, white, red or black exterior with a glowing basin.

Meltdown Sink

Meltdown Sink
  • A truly unique wall hung sink fixture that will light up the entire bathroom. Meltdown is made of 100% recyclable PolyEthylene. “A special “TEFLON” treatment to the tooling made it possible to obtain an important improvement to its superficial quality, gathering a special Teflon treatment provides a “shining effect with a dirt-free surface”.

The bathroom will sing as it is bathed in light. A new show opens every night as the light dances to impress all who enter for the simple task of washing up. Not only will the bathroom stand out in the uniqueness of its design it also glows as a statement of environmental responsibility.

“Following the universal & common “ECOLOGICAL SPIRIT” WET introduces in “all” its products, reducing in this way 79% energy-consumption.”

Have fun, turn on the lights, and never be afraid to dance!

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