Peel & stick chalkboard wall decals for the abode

Living in hectic environments life includes coordinating everyone’s household member’s different schedules, dates, and activities. Coordinating options usually require an ugly massive calendar or message board, taking up wall space, to mark up as a central information hub. How many times are notes hastily written on small pieces of paper left lying around to get lost?

There is now a decorative option for keeping the household informed:

Chalkboard decals

  • They are removable and repositionable.
  • You can write on them with chalk, then wipe clean with a soft cloth.
  • The decals work on most surfaces of walls, wood, glass, and paper.
  • They are made to be easily removed so they won’t harm most surfaces.

RoomMates Peel and Stick Decor has a wonderful assortment of easy on and easy off chalkboard stickers.

“Simply peel and stick! They function just like full-sized chalkboards and dry erase boards, but can be repositioned at any time.”

Shop at Wallies Wall Decals for fun chalkboard borders, decorative silhouettes, and simple geometric squares to adorn the walls.

  • Get sheets of Chalkboard available in sets of 4, sets of 2, and a big chalkboard that can be used to make up a calendar to decoratively use as an insert in a cabinet panel.
  • Discover fun color options, to coordinate the décor, in grape, blue, and green.

Wallcandy arts offers up it’s namesake in true chalkboard wall candy.

  • Create a jungle of fun wall activity among the animals.
  • Rococo is the ultimate in keeping elegant activities organized

Add a bit of working whimsy to a room.

  • The kids will enjoy jotting down their schedules on the wall with these beautiful decorative accents.
  • Be creative with a chalkboard border drawing a decorative chair rail or crown molding around the room.
  • These work great for rentals that will not allow a more permanent décor to adorn the walls.
  • The college kids will adore a chalkboard decal in their dorm rooms.

Have fun discovering new décor that blends in with your everyday living routines. Encourage organization within the household using creativity.

Enjoy new discoveries and never be afraid to dance!

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