Unique storage solutions for the abode’s bedroom

People are always on the lookout for unique ways to stretch out the living space. Whether crammed into tiny apartments or as suburban dwellers who wants to get the most for their hard earned money, finding enough storage space always seems to be an issue.

Many who live in a studio apartment or have a bedroom in a shared home are yearning to find a way to create a better use of their spaces.

  • If you have the ceiling height, then you have the option of adding a loft bed, creating a private bed area above a desk or sitting nook area. A standard ceiling is 8 feet so you will want at least a 10 foot ceiling to achieve a comfortable loft area.

    a loft bed with room for living and storage below

Storage is a large problem. Where do you store the luggage, toilet paper, or out of season clothes? The kids are always pouring out of their rooms with the toys and stuff tossed everywhere.

Everyone is always in need of added storage space.

The bed takes up a large chunk of a room so why not use the space below, or inside, the bed for some storage. This does not mean tossing the shoes under the bed to get lost with the dust bunnies.

Be creative planning a storage bed

Drawer storage beds; these are usually associated with the traditional captains bed.

  • A captain storage bed is raised to sit a bit higher with multiple rows of drawers underneath the mattress area. These have been contemporized to look sleeker for today’s décor.

    storage drawers under the bed
  • For a trendsetting look; a platform with legs can be built with drawers in the base just under the mattress still leaving an open space under the bed.

    a sleek modern storage bed
  • Drawers can be built into an upholstered base as well.

Slide door storage beds; instead of drawers sliding cabinet doors are used to enclose a storage area under the bed.

  • Sliders are good because they do not need the room to be pulled out like drawers do. Sliding doors work well in tight spaces or at the head of the bed where you might want to place a night table next to the bed.

    sliding doors to hide under bed storage

Door storage beds

  • Cabinetry doors are built under a bed, raised to a higher level, to create usable storage cabinets.

Hinged storage beds

  • The side of a platform can be hinged to lift up to reveal a storage area under the bed. This can be accomplished with upholstered sides as well.

    Flip up sides to reveal pull out storage

Ottoman storage beds

  • Mechanisms allow for the entire mattress to be lifted revealing the area under the bed to be used for storage. This is thought of as using the bed like a giant storage ottoman.

    ottoman bed

Storage headboard; always an option is the storage headboard behind the bed

  • The headboard works as a bookcase.

    the total storage bed solution with storage headboard and drawers below
  • Flip up the top of a deep headboard to reveal storage space for pillows and blankets.
  • Side night tables can pull out of the sides of the headboard to reveal shelves.

Be creative with storage solutions. It is amazing how much wasted space you have that can be utilized. The room above head height can be a great storage space. Build a shelf around the perimeter of the room 12 inches down from the ceiling to store books or even towels or sweaters neatly folded. The pressure will be off when the living environment is neat and tidy. Relax and never be afraid to dance!

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