Cover the abode’s ugly old wood paneling: Decorating tricks and tips

Everyone, at some point, has run head on to that hideous cheap 70’s wall paneling. Mom might still have it in her basement. Maybe you are buying your first house and there it is staring you in the face. How do you get rid of this ugliness within your tight budget? This is one of those challenges that you need to accept and conquer.

There are several choices that will create a new, up to date, décor that will not break the bank. Have fun and be creative.

Make sure that the paneling is firmly attached to the walls before you begin; you do not want your efforts to be voided if the panels start falling off the walls.

  • Paint; the obvious is to simply paint the paneling. You will want to sand and prime the paneling before the paint is applied. If you want to fill in the grooves of the paneling is to apply joint compound after priming to the entire wall, then sand lightly, prime again, and paint. The grooves should be invisible. Since this is not a sheetrock wall I would use paint with some sheen to it as in a satin finish.
  • Wall liners; there are wall liners that are made to be applied over imperfect walls and paneling in order to have a smooth surface to paint or wall cover. Cavalier wall liner is a heavy duty non woven wall liner (also known as bridging material) that is paintable, covers wall imperfections and textured surfaces, such as brick and paneling.
  • Paintable wall covering; available in many patterns and textures that will hide cracked walls, old paneling, and cinder block. It is a wall covering that is pre-pasted to simply wet and hang as you would with any wallpaper. The raised pattern and texture makes it a great cover-up for your old wood paneling. After you finish hanging the covering paint it in a color of your choice. I recommend a semi gloss paint to add depth. Paintable Wall Covering can also be used on ceilings.

    paintable wallcovering are cost effective, easy to apply, and add beauty

PaperIllusion wallpaper by Village is a wonderful product that is easily applied and the end results are beautiful.

According to the website “PaperIllusion can be applied over any clean, flat, dry surface. Including walls & doors, ceilings & floors, furniture & fixtures, counter tops & cabinets and even sheet rock & paneling!

wallpaperillusions comes in a varitey of colors to cover any surface

The paper is pre-painted with various faux finish effects, such as faux marbleized stone and florentine marble. And there’s a textured effect built into the application as a result of overlapping the torn pieces.

So, unlike regular faux finish wallpaper, uneven, cracked or damaged walls are no problem for PaperIllusion.”

paperillusions is a wonderful solution to covering paneling

In just three simple steps the décor will be transformed

  1. Tear specially formulated faux finish wall paper randomly into irregular shapes.
  2. Dip each piece of this unique faux finish wallpaper into warm water.
  3. Apply the torn wet paper in an overlapping manner to your clean, flat dry surface.

Check out Flexi-wall systems products; Plaster in a Roll and Faster Plaster.

  • Plaster In A Roll is a one step wall finish that covers concrete block, old plaster, existing paneling, and more.”
  • Faster Plaster is a paintable wall covering which covers paneling, ceramic tile, cracked plaster, and new or old gypsum board. It may be finished with paint or another wall covering on top. After installation, it cures to be even stronger than conventional plaster!”

FibreDecoris a designer wall coating that is easy to apply and flexible to cover cracks and paneling.

fibredecor covers wood paneling and cracks with beauty and elegance
  • FibreDecor Designer Wall Coatings are a great alternative when renovating. The one step finishes are attractive, durable, cost-effective, and come in a variety of finishes and colors.

There is always an alternative. Redecorate even on a tight budget. Make it a family activity or make it a decorating party with dinner and drinks. Take turns with friends working on each other’s abodes. Turn up the music, rock and roll, and never be afraid to dance

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