Decorating after the chics leave the abode’s nest

The winter holiday season is coming to an end. As visitors leave and the kids go back to their lives, the home will soon be silent again. You can hear the walls echoing the quietness.

The last birdy has now left the comfort of the nest to go back to the college dorm room. All that time spent picking up after the kids, yelling at the kids, feeding the visiting throngs, are now over. You have dreamed of this day coming. Although you miss the family, you have been dreaming of the peace and quiet.

Now is the perfect time to evaluate what you can do with your new-found empty space.

There are a few redecorating ideas that you should consider:

  • You will still need bedding for your chicks when they are home to visit. To save on space get rid of the traditional bed. Buy something that is comfortable that will double as a place for you to sit and read. Check out IKEA for a great assortment of sofa beds and futons. They have very comfortable beds with an assortment of mattresses. The Lyckseleis very comfortable and comes as a small loveseat that will open to a full size bed, as well as a chair that opens to a twin size bed. Instead of the sofa consider two chairs that will be a welcome comfort for a couple of overnighters.  They have many covers to choose from or have your own custom cover easily made.

    IKEA lycksele chair
  • Make the room into a home office for the female of the home. The guys usually take over the basement, garage, and everywhere else. This could be your own refuge. Have your sitting space for reading and contemplating. Add some nice scents and music.
  • Consider an official computer room with a couple of desks for both of the mates at home. This will keep the computers out of the bedroom and family room.

    a computer room
  • Dreaming of your own workout room? Now you have your chance. Research the exercise equipment that you have been longing for. Determine how much room you will need. Perhaps you want to invest in one machine and have an open space for aerobics and yoga.
  • Design a room to be creative in; convert the space into a place where you can be comfortable in to knit, draw, paint, do pottery, or make jewelry. Cover a wall in cork boards to display your art work, and to post notes and patterns.
  • You can make a dream media room. Invest in the large screen with all of the bells and whistles. Add a refrigerator and microwave. Sink into a comfy chair and enjoy the experience.

    dream media room

Combine a few ideas into making a multipurpose room.

  • Make sure you have your guest bedding.
  • Make a wall of built-in cabinetry for storage and books.
  • Invest in a nice Flat Screen TV to hang on the wall. The TV can easily be incorporated into your wall of shelving and storage.
  • Have a nice open desk top to plop the lap top on or to work on your craft projects.
  • Add an elliptical machine or tread mill in a corner. Make sure you use it or you will be wasting space. The best tip for working out is to do it the same time put aside every day, or every other day.

Do not feel guilty for taking over the room. You deserve to enjoy your home and your life. Make the room a place where you can be yourself and never be afraid to dance!

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