Repair & cleaning tricks for common abode décor issues

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, our abodes seem to be endless revolving doors. Household members running in and out, and visitors coming and going. With all of the daily goings-on everyone has encountered small wear and tear problems in their abodes décor. Not all issues need to have a professional called in. Living in a tough economy has encouraged us to learn how to handle more things for ourselves. This is a great opportunity to learn how to do the simple home repair and cleaning projects on your own.

Here are some quick and simple fix-it tricks that anyone can handle:

Screws slipping out and not holding: No, that object did not come out of the wall by itself!

toothpicks make a magic fix
  • This means that the original screw hole has become worn and too large to hold the screw threads. Simply place one or two (depending how large the hole is) wooden toothpicks in place in the hole. Break off the toothpicks so that they are flush with the wall. Now screw the original screw back in to hold your object in place. The toothpicks have made the hole smaller allowing the screw to grip again.

Tiny nail holes in walls from moving artwork: Are the walls starting to look like little ants crawling across them?

  • Anyone who has lived in a dorm room in college knows this trick. No need to use spackle for tiny holes, simply use toothpaste. Make sure it is the plain paste, not gel; use your finger to spread the paste into the holes until they are flush with the wall surface. If the walls are white the paste will easily blend in. For colored walls retouch the spots after they dry with matching paint.

Squeaky Doors: Is there a mouse in the house, probably just a noisy door!

  • Simply lift the hinge pin and squirt some WD-40 into the hinge. This is considered a short term fix and will without doubt have to be repeated when the squeak returns. For a more permanent fix, tap the hinge pin out of the hinge and coat the pin with white lithium grease (found at the local hardware store). Both the top, middle, and bottom hinges should be lubricated for a complete remedy. Tap the pin back in place and you will now have a quiet door.

A drifting door: Does it seem like you have ghosts opening and closing doors?

  • Don’t you hate those doors that will not stay in place. You want the door open a crack but it inevitably drifts completely open. A simple quick fix; remove just one of the hinge pins, lay it on a hard surface, and strike it with a hammer to cause the hinge pin to have a slight bend. Tap the pin back in place. The increased friction will keep the door in the position that you place it.

Sticky drawers: Has someone glued all of the drawers shut?

spray WD 40 on tracks to fix sticky drawers
  • If you have wooden drawers with no metal track then simply rub a wax candle onto the bottom corners at the base of each drawer. For drawers with a metal track then simply remove the drawers and apply WD-40 to the track. No more stick!

Sagging Sofa or Chair: The holiday treats are catching up with you!

  • Very simple fix with a piece of plywood. Take the cushions off and measure the dimensions of the flat base under the seat cushions. Cut plywood to your measurements. Place the plywood, smooth-side up, on the seat base. Replace the cushions on top of the base. You now have a comfy piece of furniture again.

Scratches on wood furniture and frames: wood furniture should not be a scratching post, but, unfortunately, the scratches seem to appear out of nowhere!

did you know that walnuts make scratches disappear?
  • A surprise simple tip; rub a walnut or pecan on the scratched areas and scratches will disappear. Simple fix; Sharpie markers. For darker woods, simply color in the scratches with a Sharpie. You can blend a couple of shades. Feather the edges with your fingers. The scratch should virtually disappear. For lighter wood you can use a wood repair kit in a matching hue. These work like crayons and can easily be blended if between colors

    Sharpie pens work magic on scratches

Nasty mold creeping onto the ceiling and walls: Does it seem like the blob is taking over the abode?

  • Mix one part bleach to nine parts water and apply to the moldy surfaces with a sponge or spray bottle. Protect yourself by covering your nose and mouth with a bandana or mask. Scrub the area to ensure that the mold is removed. Do a final cleaning to remove any residue. Stay ahead of any recurring mold by cleaning every two months or as needed. For simple upkeep use Clorox Cleanup spray.

Moldy bathroom grout: Are guests asking if you have re-grouted with a dark color?

  • Clorox Cleanup is also great for bathroom grout. Spray it on and scrub the grout clean. Then spray it on and let it sit on the moldy grout. The mold will disappear and you will have sparkling grout once again.

An all purpose item to keep on hand is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This fantastic product now comes in Extra Power, Bath Scrubber, Kitchen Scrubber, as well as the Original.

As their site says “Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original will help your walls, baseboards, floors, switch plates, blinds and more look like new again by easily removing scuff marks and dirt. To discover the cleaning possibilities, simply take a swipe. Its water-activated micro-scrubbers reach into the surface grooves, lifting away built up grease and soap scum. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original is so powerful that each swipe removes more grime than the leading all-purpose spray cleaner, and it has no harsh chemicals. Before long, you’ll be back to the things you love best in a brighter, cleaner space.”

This is truly a miracle product that replaces an entire host of cleaners and cleansers. Cleans dirty and scuffed surfaces; including paint, wall covering and almost anything. It is absolutely great for cleaning all of the Bathroom and Kitchen surfaces.

Be proud of your accomplishments and never be afraid to dance!

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