Decorating the abode to achieve your dream home

The American dream used to be a very simple definition; as stated in the Mirriam Webster Dictionary, the American Dream is “an American social ideal that stresses egalitarianism and especially material prosperity; also: the prosperity or life that is the realization of this ideal”.

Most American’s have seen the American Dream as marked by achievements; especially material objects such as a house and car along with the perfect family and job.

With the 21st century and the present economic climate, home ownership is not at the top of everyone’s dream list. People are getting back to the roots of their dreams and thinking in more realistic terms; The seeds of the American Dream are planted in the United States Declaration of Independence which proclaims that “all men are created equal” and that they are “endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights” including “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Happiness does not necessarily culminate in a house with an expensive mortgage or a car with huge payments.

  • We yearn now to be happy through achieving a quality education that will lead us to a career and position in life that we can enjoy and, therefore, like being who we are. This in turn will guide us on a path that can lead us to attain the material items that we dream of having.

Whether owning your own abode or are renting we still want the décor in our home to reflect our own dreams. We want the satisfaction of having a nicely decorated abode that will provide comfort to all who enter its threshold.

Take baby steps to achieve your dreams. Maybe you are just moving away from your family home for the first time or downsizing as the kids move out on their own. Our dreams are ever changing and can provide excitement to our lives as we look to the next step.

In this economy so much can be achieved with eco-friendly designs.

  • Reclaim found items; take some tossed out lattice and use it as a headboard.
  • Recycle existing objects; take bottle caps and make them into a lamp shade
  • Repurposing is hot; take an old dresser, paint it, cut out for plumbing, and add a vessel sink for your bathroom vanity

    turn an old chest into the bathroom vanity of your dreams
  • Renewable products are extremely eco-friendly; these are made from plants that are quick growing; cove a wall in cork for the playroom or kids room. The kids’ drawings can easily be pinned to the wall to show off.
  • Painting is simple and can change a room in an instant. Whether painting a wall or a piece of furniture, everything old can be new again.

Longing for a new kitchen or bath but cannot afford it, or do not want to invest if you are living in a rental, there are some quick fixes that will add new life to an older kitchen.

  • Simply change knobs and hardware.
  • Cabinetry can be painted. Rust-Oleum has a very cost effective product that will transform your kitchen and bathrooms into works of art.

    Rust-oleum can turn an old kitchen into a dream kitchen

Embellish your decor by accessorizing.

  • Pillows and windows treatment in the latest colors and patterns can brighten any room.

Do it yourself projects can be fun and rewarding.

  • Never just discard pre-owned furniture for brand new, expensive, furnishings. Make found furniture into your own by painting and reupholstering in interesting fabrics. Make a used item into brand new furnishing.

    an old ugly chair transformed into a chic dream chair

Take this as an opportunity to have fun using your imagination and enjoy creating. Never compare yourself to the neighbors. Keeping up with the Jones’ just makes you part of the herd. Step out on your own to make a statement. The Jones’ will end up wanting what you have. You will end up being the envy of the neighborhood by achieving your own, unique, décor.

Never be afraid to dance!

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