A closet miracle worker for the abode

Whether living in the tight quarters of a small apartment or a proud humble home in the crowded suburbs everyone is searching for a miracle to solve the closet dilemmas of getting everything you need neatly organized within sight and reach.

No matter how much closet space the abode may have, getting a closet organized just right is always a challenge.

There are plenty of services available offering custom closet designs with magnificent cabinetry and beautiful plush chaise lounges. These are the closets of the movies. Remember Carrie Bradshaw’s dream walk-in closet in Sex in the City movie’s dream apartment. We were more excited at the end of the movie cheering the fact that she won back the closet more than the man (Mr. Big).

You might not be able to have a closet like Carrie’s but you can achieve your own custom designed closet to fit your needs and budget.

how to have your own beautiful dream closet

The Container Store offers elfa to organize the closet.

  • elfa is a modular shelving and drawer system that can be customized for specific needs and spaces. Not only is it perfect for a closet system but it also is great to organize an office, garage or pantry. Elfa provides the luxury of a custom built-in at the fraction of the cost.
  • elfa decor solid wood accents add warmth and beauty to your space with the look of custom without the cost
  • Exceptionally strong epoxy-bonded steel components in white and platinum
  • Enhanced visibility; easily view all of the stored items for easy and quick wardrobe choices
  • Custom designed to meet needs exclusive to any situation
  • elfa systems provides easy access to all items with special gliding accessories

elfa offers easy options to shop and organize a closet

elfa allows you to design your own closet, whether reach-in or walk-in, elfa has a great tool to walk you through each step.

  • Gender; Man, woman, child, or shared

  • Open wall or reach-in; the walls for walk-ins or a reach- in standard two foot deep closet

    Attractive reach-in closet
  • Door Style; Single door, double door, bi-fold, slider, or no door
  • Dimensions; The width of the wall, depth of the reach-in, and the wall construction
  • Wall color; Choose the color of your existing walls
  • Preferred elfa finish; The finish and look you want for the closet; cabinetry, shelves, drawers, etc.

elfa then automatically generates a design with views for your exact specifications.

  • Design view
  • Plan view
  • Technical view with exact sizes and specs
  • A view showing the closet finished with clothing

    design view of your new closet

Elfa allows you to then tweak the design to perfect it to fit more specific needs; perhaps you want more shoe storage or you only require short hanging, or need more shelving than hanging.

Elfa offers in stock closet and home solutions for you to choose from

  • Find already designed closet, pantry, and office solutions to choose from in every price range

Do not know where to start? Elfa has designers to design the perfect closet for you

  • You can have a design consultant create a solution for you by phone
  • If you live by a Container Store stop by or make an appointment to meet with a design consultant

Have fun with elfa’s do-it-yourself assembly.

For those who are tool challenged, elfa offers an installation service as well.

The web site offers expert tips and videos to offer design ideas answer assembly questions

Be happy in the closet of your dreams. No more nightmares of digging through to find items lost in a jumble of clothes and shoes. Even the kids can stay neat with an organized closet. Enjoy your time saved from searching for items that are now neatly on view for you to admire.

Time saved is time to treasure. Never be afraid to dance!

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