‘Calling All Divas’ Musical Delivers the Time of Your Life [Interview]

Female empowerment is sung out strong and beautifully in “Calling All Divas.” Academy Award-winning songwriter Franke Previte co-created the musical filled with unforgettable songs and voices.

Known for his “Dirty Dancing” award hit “The Time of Your Life,” Previte set out with Lisa Sherman to create a musical that sings out to the masses in celebration of female melodic talent. The audience is drawn into the show’s excitement – wanting to sing along and move their feet to the multiple genres of well-known enduring songs.

Calling All Divas
Image Courtesy of Calling All Divas

“Calling All Divas” brings together pop, rock, soul, and country with unforgettable musical hits that showcase how truly positive the power of music is, along with friendship and sisterhood. With four distinct females as leads, the show allows for audience members of any age or musical tastes to find a relatable cast member.

See my full article on NYNJ to read my interview with Previte and find out more about the fabulous “Calling All Divas” musical stage show

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