Sustainable decorating: Add beauty to the abode

With today’s weather and economic climate people have become more aware of using what we have in order to live a sustainable existence. A sustainable lifestyle need not be a dull one. Recreating by using what we already have one can achieve a beautiful, yet sustainable, surrounding to reside in.

The obvious comes to mind when contemplating a sustainable lifestyle:

  • Farm animals: animals should be seen as sustainable creatures in that when they are not killed for food they serve to sustain life. Happy and content cows will consistently provide milk and remember a chicken wing gets hot when you turn it on so keep the chicks calm and they will provide an abundance of eggs to you.
  • Vegetable gardens when taken care of will give back as they grow in size.
  • Solar panels and windmills provide energy to power lights and needs without depending on outside companies that feed pollution into the environment.

Sustainable living also involves recycling goods one already possesses into new uses to sustain the living environment.

Forgotten items stored away can be repurposed into useful accessories for the abode.

It is time to dig through all of that stuff in the attic and basement that you do not need but are too attached with to get rid of. The items that are full of memories and just cannot be parted with can be repurposed and used in our homes in unique ways.

  • Evening gowns can be taken apart and reused to make pretty valances for your windows.
  • Coats can be repurposed to make pillows for a sofa or to upholster a chair or stool.
  • Old leather skirts and pants can be taken apart and reused to make pillows or for reupholstering.
  • A full length fur coat can be made into a throw for the living room. A stole or shorter coat can be made into a scarf to drape across the bed. Any extra fur can be made into pillows.
  • Stored away drapes can be cleaned and repurposed to upholster a chair or bench.
  • Found scarves can be used to redo a lampshade cover or made into a pillow. scarves pillows, ounodesign
  • The stuffing from old bed pillows can be taken out and reused to stuff new throw pillows.
  • Sweaters, tee shirts and shirts, or blouses, can be made into pillows. Cut the sleeves off, stuff with filler and sew up the collar and bottom.
  • Jeans can be reused for many different things. Window treatments, pillows, a lamp shade, a rag rug and a chair seat.denim chair, recycledelight
  • For anyone who enjoys sewing, all fabrics can be cut up and used as patches for a quilt. Or take a cute baby outfit and sew it onto a backing to make a pillow square for a child’s room.
  • Rag rugs and braided rugs can be made from most any type of fabric. For a braided rug you will use old clothes or bedding cut into strips to braid and sew together. You will need some canvas, a latch hook and recycled fabric for a rag rug.
  • Old belts and watches can be reused as drawer pulls.
  • Ties and scarves can be sewn together and used for a window valance.
  • Paint old wood furniture with high gloss enamel in a color that you like and you have a new piece of furniture that you can, and want, to use.IMG_0870
  • Repurpose drawers from discarded dressers as wall hung shelves.
  • Old magazines and books might have a photo or old ad that you are attracted to. Cut them out and place these in frames and create a grouping on a wall.
  • Newspapers and magazines can be cut and used to weave baskets.
  • Newspapers can be repurposed into a yarn that can be used to weave a chair or rug.

Repurposing for a sustainable life requires the ability to visualize and be resourceful. Everyone should learn how to be prepared to live a sustainable life in order to help save the Earth’s resources. Purge the closets, attic, and basement of the ancient history that has accumulated, and sustain the abode’s décor with repurposed inventiveness.

Have a happy sustained life and never be afraid to dance!

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