Recover your life with an organized abode

As the east coast attempts to recover from super storm Sandy this is the perfect time for everyone to reevaluate the decor, clean out and organize. Once the home is comfortable and well adorned it is important to have a plan in order to keep a happy home.

Prepare your abode for cuddling inside during the colder months. Make sure that every member in the household is involved with daily chores.

  • Beds are to be made each morning. Each person in the home needs to take care of keeping their own bed made. Even if the rest of the room is a bit messy, the clean bed will bring a sense of cleanliness. Remember less is more. Make the bed easy to make with just a duvet and minimal pillows. Alarms should be set in the morning to allow for time to make the bed up.
  • Sweep floors every morning. Have a member of the house take turns sweeping the bare floors every morning. This will keep the dirt and dust at bay.
  • Dust as you go. Every day dust a different surface. It will keep your dusting time down to a minimum and you will not resent doing it. Have everyone in the household have their own designated surfaces to dust.
  • Clean the shower as you bathe. After bathing each person can quickly spray and clean bathroom surfaces. You can keep the bath cleanser in the tub or shower for quick use.
  • Keep the sink clean and clear. Everyone, including children, should be responsible to make sure the kitchen sink is clear and clean after every use.
  • Tables and countertops should be kept clear of debris. Clear off newspapers and junk mail as you read them. Do not let these items accumulate.
  • Make recycling easy. Have a container for recyclables to be dropped in as they are used.
  • Keep your desk papers organized so your desk and surfaces stay tidy. Keep important papers neatly stacked in letter trays or use pretty baskets or boxes. Make a tray for each member of the household. These should be sorted through weekly so that the unnecessary items can be discarded and important items can be taken care of and filed away.
  • Have allocated places for homework. Whether a desk in a bedroom or the kitchen table, each person needs their own space to do their home work. Make sure that before bedtime all desk tops and tabletops are neat and clear with all homework completed and papers in place to take to school or work.
  • Keep a day for heavy cleaning. At least one day should be devoted to heavier cleaning like vacuuming and washing floors. Make sure that everyone takes turns doing these chores.

Have the kids decorate and make a check list that everyone can check off or add a gold star to as each task is completed.

A neater abode promotes a calmer and more relaxed home environment. The colder months will be much more comfortable with organized surroundings. Everyone will be happy. Time to get the fireplace ready, turn up the Jazz and never be afraid to dance!

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