Dorm decorating for your abode away from home

The summer has only just begun and July is already half over. The stores are now filled with back to school items. It may seem early but many colleges begin early in August which leaves little time for students to prepare for their excursions to their new homes in their dorm abodes.

For many nervous students they will be heading out to their first dorm rooms away from the comfort of the home abode. For the first time in their lives, many students will be living with a roommate or roommates.

Decorating your new “abode away from home” can be fun.

bed, bath, beyond

Most colleges give you the advantage of getting to know roommates, through emails and phone calls, before you actually meet in your room.

Roommates can have fun and get to know each other by working on coordinating their décor.

Since most dorm rooms tend to be on the small side, comfort and being organized are very important when planning your decor.

Add immediate comfort with a new bed topper

  • Bed toppers come in many materials such as feathers, memory foam, and synthetics. You will want to make sure your fitted sheets will accommodate a topper on top of your mattress.

New sheets, towels, and pillows will encase you in comfort
  • It is very comforting when snuggling into bed with brand new cotton sheets and a new fluffy pillow. New towels are fresh and absorbent. Make sure that everything is washed and ready for your new home.

Good personal light fixtures are important for late night studying and reading

  • Consider buying one for your bed and another for your desk. If you do not have a surface next to your bed consider your options such as clip on fixtures that can be attached to a bed frame or a wall mounted fixture.

Accessorize your new room for comfort as well as attractiveness

  • Large throw pillows and body pillows make attractive bed accessories. They provide comfort at night and can turn your bed into a sofa during the day. For company throw the large pillows on the floor for extra seating.

Add style to the room with an area rug

  • Yes, area rugs can be placed over carpeting! Inexpensive area rugs can be found at stores like Target. These will cover boring dorm room flooring and provide some color to the décor.

Staying organized also means keeping spaces neat and tidy, ready for work and guests

  • Command products have reusable hooks and caddies that make organizing a snap. They are easy to install and remove without any harm to the walls. Command has beautiful decorative hooks, as well as simple clear hooks and wire management systems, picture hangers and poster clips, and caddies to organize your walls. They will hold your art, robes, towels, etc and are easily removed, without marking the walls, at the end of the school year.
  • Dorm rooms do not usually have a full length mirror. Full length mirrors can be purchased that hang simply with hooks fitting over your room door.
  • Do not forget memo and cork boards to hold notes and reminders. You can use your mirror to post any reminder notes you may have for yourself or your roommate.
  • Laundry will need its own space and will have to be portable so that can easily be carried to the laundry room. Find a corner in your closet to keep it.
  • A tote to hold all of your personal bath supply items is a must have. Just grab your handy tote and a towel and head to the bathroom for a shower or a splash to the face.

Closet organizing accessories are a must.

  • Depending on your closet space, there are many options to choose from; hanging or over-the-door shoe racks, belt holders, and hanging shelves are all available.

Studying will come easy when you have important papers and documents in order.

File your schoolwork, and documents; insurance papers, pay stubs, tax info.

  • Cube storage ottomans are perfect for keeping files and providing extra seating for company.
  • File crates take up minimal space if there is no room for a full-size cabinet.

Enjoy your first steps into the world on your own. Do not forget to be responsible and to keep your grades up as you balance the enjoyable college life. The more organized you are, the more you will get accomplished, resulting in more time to experience college fun.

Celebrate your good grades and accomplishments; turn up the music and never be afraid to dance!

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