Light up the abode and the environment with handmade fixtures

As we come out of the winter months, even though the lights are no longer on to compensate for the longer hours of darkness, the electric bills continue to be on the rise. The environment is impacted by the energy needed to generate the world’s needs.

With today’s world being so dependent on lighting and electricity, it is more important than ever to find ways to light the world in a more environmentally responsible fashion.

  • Artists are striving to express “greener” views with uniquely designed pieces. Through innovation and imagination designs are being produced out of recycling materials. This gives the opportunity to decorate the abode with beautiful eco-friendly furnishings.

Allison Patrick, the young creator and designer of Zipper8Lighting, has designed a new world of wonderful, eco-friendly, and fun lighting fixtures.

  • Allison recently graduated with a master of architecture from Columbia University. Her enthusiasm for the arts, combined with the world of design and functionality, has culminated in wonderful creations that light up a room.

Zipper8Lighting features “Original Pendant Lamps and Wall Sconces which are eco-friendly, use unusual materials, give off a soft light, are ruffled and feminine, or hip and modern. These are statement pieces for your amazing home.”

Allison hand makes each fixture and many are specifically made to order. The pendants, lamps, and sconces are crafted out of recycled materials such as pages from books and magazines, sheet music, maps, and even soda can tabs and plastic bags.

  • Artichoke Mixed Book Page Pendant Light – Hanging Paper Lantern; thefun pendant lamp shade is created by applying circular pieces from assorted Paperback books to a round paper lantern.”

    Artichoke light
  • Small Floral Drum Shade – Hanging Pendant Lamp; “This fun little lamp shade is perfect as a small pendant or as a shade for a table lamp. It is created from a variety of small circles cut from brightly colored floral magazines.”

    Floral Drum
  • Road Map Table Lamp – Paper Shingles Covered Lantern Light; “This beautiful world map table lamp is created by applying circular pieces of road maps to a sturdy, almost conical shaped standing paper lantern.”

    Road Map table lamp
  • Plastic Bag Pendant Lamp – Unique Eco-Friendly Light; “Constructed from pieces of repurposed black and white plastic bag, molded around an interior formwork, the light given off is soft, and romantic.”

    Plastic Bag Pendant
  • Soda Can Tab Drum Shade – Eco-Friendly Pendant Light; “This striking and eco-friendly light is constructed from hundreds of recycled soda can tabs, carefully glued in place”.

    Soda Can Drum shade
  • Sheet Music Table Light with Metal Stand; “This unique sheet music table lamp features a small round lantern hanging inside a metal frame, and is created by applying circular pieces from various sheets of music to the existing paper lantern part of the light.”

    Sheet Music table lamp
  • Cocktail Umbrella Pendant Light; “created from Cocktail Umbrellas and a paper lantern, and is a fun and festive way to brighten up any backyard barbecue or summer party!”

    Cocktail Umbrella Pendant

The circular shapes of these lighting fixtures creations, coupled with being environmentally friendly, add a peaceful Feng Shui to the abodes environment.

These lighting works of art are the perfect complement to the Newsworthy wall covering , NewspaperWood furniture, and area rug woven from yarn made out of recycled newspaper. Add beauty to the Abode’s décor with the peace of mind that you are helping to save the environment.

Think creatively and never be afraid to dance!

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