Float the shelves to pick up the abode

In the midst of difficult times around the globe, people are looking for innovative ways to lighten up the load. With all of the new technology hammering around us many are looking for a bit more simplicity in their lives to help promote relaxation.

It is important to stay organized and neat when wishing to promote a calmer living environment.

  • The best way to do this is to get rid of the unneeded things accumulated throughout the years and pick the rest of the stuff up off the floors.

The kids’ room’s floors are covered with clutter.

Many are downsizing to smaller abodes and need to find precious space to keep things in order.

The walls provide a wonderful vertical space to use for keeping the stuff off the floors and neatly displayed for quick access.

Instead of the common bulky shelves and bookcases that take up space there is now a wonderful alternative that is sleek and slim and becomes virtually invisible behind books.

TEEbooksare simple and light weight floating bookshelves created by Mauro Canfori, in Nice in 2009.

TEEbooks turn the walls into works of art
  • TEEbooks are made in a thin metal available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.
  • TEEbooks wall shelves are unique in that they come as typical horizontal shelves as well as in vertical units to keep books, CDs, DVDs, glasses and bottles, and even a TV. There is even a drawer designed to add to a shelf.
  • Put together different “shelf designs“ to create a unique wall display of horizontal and vertical shelving.
  • The Symétriquebookcase is designed with added wood elements as a small console to support a fish tank or TV on.

    Symetrique will support a TV

The simplicity of TEEbooks shelving will blend in with any décor

When the shelves are filled they present the illusion of floating items on the wall.

Installation is extremely easy

  • The steel shelves are simply attached to the wall with two or four screw with all of the others components (the drawer and the console simple or double) then fixed to the steel shelves.

Take advantage of the vertical real estate. Have fun creating a wall puzzle of shelves to store and keep the treasures off of the floor space and never be afraid to dance!

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