Repurpose old books into decorative shelves for the abode

As spring approaches everyone is in a dither to spring clean the abode. When sprucing for the spring organization and reducing clutter are key to getting the job accomplished. Take advantage of simple items that you already possess to repurpose into wonderful décor that provides useful storage space while also being dressed to impress.

Everyone needs shelving and everyone has books that they are ready to give away. Combine the two and you have a shelf and a great conversation piece for the guests to admire.

All you need is:

  • A large and strong L-bracket
  • Screws to attach the bracket to the book and the wall
  • Glue
  • One book as a permanent shelf
  • A stack of books (enough to cover L-bracket on wall)

Visit for easy step by step instructions and photos on how to build your shelf.

When the shelf is completed it will give the illusion of floating books on the wall.

Umbra has manufactured a “Conceal Book Shelf”ready to purchase and mount on the wall to transform your books into floating shelves.

umbra conceal shelf is easy to install
  • They come in small and large sizes as well as the “Conceal Double Shelf”for side by side books.

    the finished umbra installation
  • Installation is extremely easy; just screw the shelf into any wall normal wall.

Have fun with repurposing items that you are ready to toss into magnificent furnishings. Imagination will take you a long way to saving the budget and adding unique fashion to the abode’s décor. Never be afraid to dance!

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