Décor inspiration for greener living in the abode

In today’s world folks are aware of the necessity to recycle and to buy recycled products. Everyone is encouraged to increase their recycling habits at home and work. It is important to educate and motivate all to the importance of recycling in order to help save our planet.

Family and friends should help each other find ways to recycle and upcycle(or repurpose).

suitcase repurposed into pet bed

Everyone can pitch in and help green our lives with some simple steps:

  • Allocate a space in your abode to store recyclables. If you do not have room inside keep a simple container outside that everyone can drop the recyclables into as they head out.
  • Return deposit bottles and containers. Make it fun for the kids. Have them sort them out and pay them for their efforts with the money from the deposit returns.
  • Visit earth911 and simply enter what you would like to recycle along with your zip code or address to find the closest recycling center for your needs.

Get the entire household involved with finding ways to conserve.

Grow a garden; make your abode beautiful before you even enter inside.

  • Recycle the coffee grounds to help your garden grow.
  • Have the kids make planters out of their old shoes that are no longer wearable.

    Have fun painting old shoes and turning them into planters

Teach about repurposing objects to use creatively

  • Paint old tires in fun colors to use as planters in the garden.

    old tires can be repurposed into a fun retaining wall and planters
  • Invent ways to repurpose items that would normally be tossed such as old newspapers.

    area rug fashioned out of yarn made from newspaper
  • Use your shredded bills as packing material to pack away fragile items.
  • Broken dishes and glasses can be made into a beautiful mosaic backsplash.

It is always a good time to start imposing better habits in order to save the environment. We must recondition ourselves to remember to recycle and not just throw away. If we continue to just toss the garbage we are going to turn our world into one big garbage dump. Just as in breaking any bad habit, it is a challenge to get into a routine of contributing to promoting a healthier environment beginning with recycling.

Take the challenge and never be afraid to dance!

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