Kitchen design trends to spice up the abode

Kitchen designs are at the top of the list when folks are looking to renovate.

When looking for the perfect Kitchen design for the abode, think about staying a few steps ahead. Look for interesting new concepts that you might be the first to implement in your neighborhood.

  • Think Feng Shui to understand the principles. Use rounded edges. Even when using stainless for a countertop you will soften it by rounding the corners.
  • Curves are big; curved cabinetry and curved shapely countertops. German designers Kristin Laass and Norman Ebelt have designed a truly unique small modular circular kitchen that occupies only one square meter when closed. The induction stove, refrigerator, oven and storage space for kitchen utensils and tableware might need to be modified for United States standards.
  • Sliding custom countertops are very cool. There are various companies that are producing these, such as Minimal.  This is a counter design that electronically slides out, creating a seating and serving area and exposing a sink with a pop up faucet and the stove top. This produces a smooth, clean lined look when closed with a contemporary minimalist appearance.

    Minimal sliding counter open
  • Desiring another unique design, check out the Italian company, Sheer Kitchen. As described on their website “The Sheer kitchen is a revolutionary monobloc/ compact unit: a circular island (148cm in diameter) made of two hemispheres, which can be opened and closed creating a double configuration. The innovative retractable/ folding system shows the kitchen in diverse elegant solution. Fully equipped, when open, it ensures an efficient cooking performance. When closed, it’s transformed into a refined furnishing element-almost a sculpture” This is like Walt Disney’s vision of future world coming to life.

    Sheer kitctchen's cool space age design
  • Glass countertops are in; they create a smooth, cool, relaxed feeling. Think of a look like ice. They are thick and durable to withstand daily kitchen use and come in different textures like a crackled finish. Check out Thinkglass by Mailhot.

    glass counters are beautiful
  • If you would like island seating, table height is now in. This works well in small spaces where you would like a table but do not have the room. Also in are free formed curved counters cantilevered to provide space for stools.

    table height counters are in
  • The newest appliance trend is induction cook tops. No longer are gas cook tops and industrial ranges the best in cooking appliances. Induction cooking provides for precision power control and heating times that are shorter than traditional gas. They have very easily cleanable sleek ceramic surfaces that are virtually burn proof because of its gleaming surface that blends into the countertop for a contemporary look.
  • Appliances that are flat and integrated with the cabinetry are very hot now. Like the dishwashers with the controls hidden on the top inside, they create a streamlined appearance.

It is important to consult with a designer who is very knowledgeable with Kitchen Design. This is more than just your basic Interior Design. You can actually save money and time and achieve the very best kitchen design for your abode and needs by hiring the right designer to coordinate the space planning and appliances.

Get cooking and never be afraid to dance

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