Decorating to create a sanctuary: The abode’s master bedroom

Everyone needs their own space to find refuge in. Men create a “cave”, whether in the garage, basement, or even in their car, to have a space to express themselves. The kids seem to take over the house, especially when all of their friends are over. If you live with roommates you appreciate your own room to escape to.

When thinking about a Master Bedroom a beautiful suite with huge closets and bathrooms, comes to mind. For many of us this is just a dream. Most need to make a smaller room work for us. Size does not matter; it is most important to make the space work for you.

A sanctuary is a space where you can feel safe and take comfort in. You want to be able to close the door and shut the world out.

  • The kids should know that this is your space. Their belongings are not to make their way through that threshold.
  • If you live with roommates or you do not want to be trekking past the family after you have checked yourself into your inner sanctum, think about finding a spot for a personal fridge to keep snack and drinks in. If you do have the space you might want to create a built in with the media cabinet and a fridge and microwave.
  • Think Feng Shui. Feng Shui emphasizes flow and balance. When a room is balanced it will make you feel more relaxed. This can be accomplished with the use of natural materials, like woods for warmth, or plants, to represent life. Colors are very important. The cool colors of nature will help you to relax. Go with greens like in a meadow or the blues of a calm pond.

    a green bedroom is soothing
  • Angular walls and furniture can also provide stress. Round out corners. Soften the windows with drapery. If you have the room, add a comfortable upholstered chaise or bench.

    rounded shapes promotes relaxation
  • Black out shades or drapes on the windows are very important; especially for those who have problems sleeping. Think how comfortable you feel when staying in a hotel room with those lovely drapes that shut out the world.
  • The bed should not be on the same wall as the entry door. You should be able to have a clear view of the door without being in direct line to it. This provides a feeling of safety.
  • If you are a couple, have accessory items in pairs. This will emphasize your relationship. Art should have subject matter reflecting couples; such as two sea shells, or a couple of trees. Place a photo of yourself and your mate next to the bed.
  • Single and loving it, show it in your sanctuary. Place that photo that you love of yourself on the dresser. You only really need one bedside lamp and night table. Show that you are proud of who you are with a piece of artwork that you adore.
  • For a single person who would like to be in a relationship concentrate on pairing décor items to promote your hopes for the futures. Place two lamps, one on each side of the bed. Have a dish with two candles grouped in it. Hang two pieces of art over the bed.
  • Keep your room uncluttered. Your artwork should reflect the favorite places you have visited or your most beloved artists.

    mirror over bed to reflect the nature outside brings a calm to the room
  • Add a sleep sound machine to shut out any outside noise for added relaxation.

This is your private hideaway. Make sure you have a lock for the door and a “do not disturb” sign. Let everyone know, even if you share the room with a partner, that there are times you need your own escape. You might want to set aside an assigned time that no one is allowed to bother you. When that door is shut and your sign is posted it means “leave me alone”.

Remind everyone that if you are happy and calm the rest of the household will be more relaxed. Now lock the door, kick off the shoes and never be afraid to dance!

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