Declutter: Decorating design tip for the abode

Congestion is a way of our lives, especially this time of year with the holiday shopping, visiting, and site seeing. We have it on our roads, in the shopping malls, and in our own abodes.

The only environment we have any control over is our own home or office.

Sift through the clutter to determine what you actually need.

Throw out any items that are no longer of any use.

  • Now it is time to find the extra nooks and crannies that you may have overlooked for useful storage space.
  • Instead of a coffee table use a storage ottoman or bench.

    storage ottomans are great alternatives for a coffee table with the added benefit of storage
  • Shoes can easily be stored under the bed using the as-seen-on-tv under bed storage aid
  •  IKEA sells the billy bookcase, at a very reasonable price, with optional doors to add on to create a storage space for extra files and papers.
  • If you are really stuck for space then run shelving around the perimeter of the room 12 inches down from the ceiling for even more storage.

    extra shelving run right below ceiling along perimeter of room provide extra storage space

Most important, you do not need to keep everything! Learn to let go and never be afraid to dance!

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