Painting Techniques to Make Your Abode Décor Exciting

Whether looking at fashion or homes, there are so many different styles, cultures, and colors. Traditional, contemporary, transitional, bold or monotone colors, a neighborhood can be found to represent any or all of these qualities.

Whatever your preference, colors represent many unique personalities and attitudes. Color can distinguish how different individuals think. Your abode is a presentation of yourself and should reflect that. Colors can mean more than just blues, reds, yellows, and greens. There is an entire world between black and white.

When contemplating painting a room, think beyond a single color. An accent color can easily be added to bring attention to one wall, such as behind a sofa or bed. Think outside of the box when choosing multiple colors for a palette.

Faux Finishes are about blending colors and creating special effects, such as marble. Painting with faux finishes creates a multi-dimensional look to surfaces.

  • Paint a ceiling to reflect the sky.
  • Instead of wall covering, paint the walls to look like linen.
  • Hide rough, worn surfaces behind artful painting techniques such as fresco, and crackle.

    a crackle finish renews a claw foot bathtub
  • Use stencils to create a border or pattern in a complementing color or colors.
  • Paint a pattern on the floor to reflect tile.

Faux painting can be simple to do, as in sponging, or more complex, as in marbleizing.

faux marble painted

In addition to faux painting there are specialty paints to create unique effects on surfaces.

Benjamin Moore sells many special decorative finishes and paint.

  • Chalkboard paint can turn any wall or surface into a fun blackboard to keep notes and draw pictures. Glow in the Dark Effect is a top coat that actually glows in the dark when activated by at least five minutes of bright light. Use this to paint stars on the ceiling.

    chalkboard paint can be fun.
  • Glitter Effect is a topcoat that adds a sparkle effect to a surface. This can be fun in the “princesses” room.
  • Latex Sand Texture paint is great to use to hide cracks and patches in older surfaces or to add dimension to a boring surface. This comes in white only but can be painted over in any color of your choice.

The instructions on how to paint various faux and decorative finishes can be found on Benjamin Moore.

If needed, you can arrange a consultation with an Interior Designer (such as

Do not worry about making mistakes. Walls can always be sanded and primed to make an entire new canvas to be repainted. Faux painting can be a lot of fun and will bring out your artistic qualities. It is the creation of a decorative surface that reflects your unique being.

Have fun and do not be afraid of color, texture, and design. Remember, never be afraid to dance!

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