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Sweet decor for the bungalow sized bedroom in the abode – National interior decorating | Examiner.com.

Celebrate America Recycles Day; Shop Thrift Stores and Garage Sales for the Abode Decor

America Recycles day has arrived. What better opportunity do we have than now to celebrate recycling and saving our resources by visiting thrift shops or garage sales? Take a walk in a quaint village and visit local antique and consignment shops. There are many treasures to find.

Keep an open mind. Look for deals.You might see something you like. Do not be afraid to negotiate a price. If you find a piece that needs work you can get a great deal. When you bring it home you can have fun painting it or having it reupholstered. If you are handy and adventurous refinish the wood. Sometimes all you need is to use furniture oil and you will be amazed at what you will find when you remove the dirt. If you choose to paint a piece, use high gloss enamel paint.

make a furniture find your own with paint

As you saunter down the avenue check out what others might have thrown away.Do not be afraid to take a piece that has been tossed to the curb. As it is said “one man’s garbage may be another man’s treasure”. People are lazy and might throw away an item that can be very easily repaired or repurposed. Be wary of upholstered items or carpet. Bugs can hide in these objects so you might not want to bring them into your house. If you find a discarded upholstered piece that you absolutely must have, bring it directly to have it overhauled at the upholsterers. You will be amazed at what people throw out. You can decorate an entire room with your finds.

sofa retrieved from garbage and restored. Another persons garbage can be made into a treasure.

Thrift Shops and Consignment Shops are great. There are plenty of unique out of the way places that have one of-a-kind treasures. You can find many interesting items including unique furniture, lighting, art, and accessory pieces.

If you want to shop and give to charity at the same time try St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Shop, or the Salvation Army and Goodwill Stores. There are smaller charities with stores that give to our neighborhoods. Local Boys and Girls Clubs have annual sales as well as places of worship. Watch in your local papers for ads.

Do not forget about all of the garage or yard sales, moving sales, and estate sales. Look in local papers for ads. Watch for signs posted during your travels. A great resource for these sales is Craig’s List. This is a great way to see a beautiful, historic Victorian town while strolling and shopping from garage sale to garage sale (or yard sale). You can make an entire family day of it. You will be sure to find many items to choose from.

Bring home your new treasures. Enjoy the thrill of your special find. Have a party to show it off and never be afraid to dance!

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