Decorating recessed windows in the abode

Windows are the eyes to the abode. Different types of windows have different personalities that lend to the home’s decor. Recessed windows have the charm of offering multi-tasking decor for the abode. Depending on where the recessed window is will decide on the job it is to perform and therefore how to decorate it.

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The kitchen recessed window can double as an herb garden.

Place glass shelves across and inside the recessed window to grow small pots of basil and thyme and other favorite fresh herbs to cook the delicacies with. Light will filter in through the plants and they will act as a shade for privacy.

A low and deep recessed window is perfect as a sitting nook. 

Create  a lovely window seat inside a recessed window to read a favorite book among the sun shining in. A seat needs to be approximately 18 inches high and at least 18 inches deep. Add storage cubbies or drawers below.

If the window is not quite deep enough than create a deeper effect by surround it with cabinetry to recess it enough to fit your resting spot. Finish off the decor with pretty pillows and a matching valance with a simple roman shade or blinds.

Turn a recessed window into a garden.


Dress the window with an indoor window box to fit inside the ledge filled with lovely greenery. Keep the window dressing simple with a natural wood blind that will showcase the flora.

Use a recessed window as a table or shelf.


Fashion the window ledge with a lamp to sit in a favorite chair by. Place a few books on the ledge with decorative bookends. Hang simple floor to ceiling window panels on either side of the window to create a longer and wider appearance.

A large recessed window in a bathroom is perfect to soak by.


Make the recessed window in the master bath the centerpiece by placing a beautiful soaking tub within it. Let the light shine in by decorating the window with a beautiful decorative film. Wallpaper for Windows” has beautiful privacy films that are easy to apply and remove for reuse. This is a wonderful option that comes in an array of designs in opaque and clear films to create a stained glass look, add a traditional etched glass to the decor, attach a contemporary geometric for a modern style abode, and for divided windows you can use a color or a small pattern inside each frame.

Add lighting to brighten the way at night.

As a finishing touch consider adding a LED spotlight to the inside top of the recessed window as accent lighting. If you cannot hardwire one in then purchase a small battery powered touch light that can be fastened to the inside frame.

Windows open the home to the great outside so let the outside shine in and never be afraid to dance!

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