Dream gadgets for the abode

Taking care of tasks around the home can become mundane and boring. The kids whine when reminded time after time to help around the house. Just the task of asking is exhausting. Life and living should be fun.

When doing necessary tasks around the abode you can make it into fun activities for everyone using gadgets. Even the word “gadget” inspires fun. A gadget is any object that is interesting for its resourcefulness and inventiveness.

The company Dreamfarm offers wonderful gadgets to assist with kitchen cooking fun and the daily struggles of staying on the side of being organized.

Dreamfarm gives a sense of whimsy to the gadgets with fun names that connotes each of it’s specific usefulness.

  • Gripet; quick grip note tidy

“By using gravity and friction to secure your notes, Gripet eliminates the need for glue, pins, tape, clips and magnets. Gripet’s quick grip and release system is infinitely reusable and allows you to easily store up to 3mm of notes without damaging them. With just one hand, simply push your note into Gripet’s gap and it stays in place, pull it down and it’s out. Gripet is the clever, convenient and easy way to organize your life’s notes, memos, photos, bills and bulletins.”

  • Jot; just holds it there

“Hang your keys on the wall, keep your cords in place, hang up a tea towel, hold pieces of paper, keep a pen next to the phone, on your fridge or even on the cash register – for anything, anywhere, Jot just holds it there.”

  • Membo; remember to do it

Make it fun for everyone to remember to get the tasks completed with Membo. Keep track of feeding and walking the pets with customized pictures. Make sure the plants get watered and the mail is taken in.

  • Tapi; tap squeeze drink fountain

Turn any ordinary straight spout into a personal drinking fountain with Tapi. Squeeze it like you are milking a cow and water sprouts just like a fountain for everyone’s drinking pleasure. The kids will love it. Use it in the bathroom when brushing teeth.

  • Spink; never spill another drink

“Whether it’s your favorite takeaway coffee or a glass of juice, Spink simply sticks to your table and holds your drink so it can’t be knocked over. Made with a shock-resistant shell and a lever-powered suction cup to lock your drink in place, Spink was also designed to be as unique as you. Slip your favorite photo inside it, draw on it with markers, make it yours. Don’t give up what you love, have it next to you and Spink will make sure you never spill another drink.”

Check out the dreamfarm website to see all of the fun gadgets available to make working in the home a fun activity. Dreamfarm shows what happens when you marry imagination with inventiveness; unique gadgets are created that actually do the job that they set out to accomplish.

Keep the imagination going and never be afraid to dance!

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