A Mother never steps backwards

Once you are a Mom you never step backwards. You don’t want to take a chance by tripping and missing a step in your child’s life.

From the moment I looked into my baby’s cherub face I only looked forward. I cannot believe that was over seventeen years ago.

I looked forward to her first gurgle.

Then I looked forward to her first word.

I remember the first time she held her bottle and looked forward to her feeding herself.

She was sitting in a high chair for the first time and I looked forward to her crawling.

As she started crawling and I looked forward to her walking.

At 10 months she made her first best friend and I looked forward to her having a lifetime filled of best friends.

At one year old she started to walk all by herself into an exciting future.

The first year marks the beginning of so many firsts that a Mom never forgets.

Our children are a reflection of how we parent.

I have taught my child the importance of working hard for what you believe, to be kind and generous, and to give back and give forward. Most important, I have taught her to never be afraid to dance!

My daughter has made me a proud Mom with every single step she takes moving forward in life. Even as she grows up into an adult she will always be my little girl.

Hannah and Mommy

Happy Mom’s Day to me!

Wishing the best of a Mother’s Day weekend, to all of the Mothers, Fathers (who have stepped in as Mothers), and the surrogate Moms out there.

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