Fishing for bathroom decor inspiration for the abode

Always on the hunt for the one of a kind and unusual furnishings, everyone wants to have the most unique décor to place on display in their abode.

In today’s stressful world everyone is looking for a way to shake off the day’s stress when they arrive home. Using elements of Feng Shui have become an important factor for many, when decorating the abode for relaxation.

Water is a relaxing element.

Think about a day at the beach listening to the waves hitting the shore

  • A relaxing soak in the tub

    a dream bathtub to relax in
  • Washing the day away in a hot shower
  • Fish bowls create a peaceful show with the fish calmly swimming among the plant life in their comfortable home.

Fish represents wealth and prosperity

Aquariums bring harmony with a combination and balance of various feng shui elements.

  • Water
  • Wood; plants placed in the aquarium
  • Metal; used in the aquarium housing
  • Earth; the rocks and gravel blanket on the aquariums floor
  • Fire; fiery colored fish in reds, oranges and gold mixed with the aquarium lighting

Be inventive and mix an aquarium into the décor in fun and inventive ways

Abodes should represent individuality in its décor making a lasting impression on all who visit.

What would present a more lasting impact on guests than welcoming company visiting the water closet with some friendly fish to converse with as they powder their noses? 

  • Check out Aqua One Technologies Fish’n Flush: The Fish ‘n Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium is “The Whimsical, Nautical, Wonderland for your bathroom.” The perimeter around the center toilet tank is a clear aquarium with fish that will not be flushed down the drain. They come in different motifs and colors with coordinating toilet seats.

    Fish'n Flush

Not into fish?

  • The Fish’n Flush can be turned into a plant terrarium

    A terrarium
  • Create a theme to decorate for a holiday or season
  • Instead of fish create a home for turtles, frogs, or lizards

Aqua One‘s motto is “Save Water, Save the Planet”. They developed the Fish’n Flush as a fun idea when developing their flagship product, The Toilet Guardian, to build a way to stop the water waste in the common toilet.

  • The Toilet Guardian helps to save wasting water, high water bills, and damage from overflowing toilets

Create a relaxing environment while having fun with the décor. Enjoy expressing yourself in inventive ways. Impress the guests with new surprises around every corner and never be afraid to dance!

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