Check out my first CBS local published article!

I am now officially writing for CBS local in New York!

Check out my very first published post; it just came out January 25th, 2012 and I am so excited.

In the past year I have traveled so far. It was almost a year ago that I began my new journey into the world as a published writer. I thank the Examiner and the wonderful editors there, for allowing me to grow and learn.

As I developed my blog I entered a new world of support and learning from fellow writers in the blogging community.

So far this has been an amazing and exciting ride and I cannot wait to take the ride to new heights with new breathtaking flips and turns.

I enjoy informing my readers and followers with cool information and ideas. Finding new design techniques, innovative green decor ideas, and amazing shopping sites are thrilling.

Every morning I awake in anticipation of writing new articles and posts to pass the knowledge, that I have learned, on to others.

Thank you to all for joining me on this glorious adventure!

  • Enjoy my first CBS article as well as more of my CBS articles to come!

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