The Fall and Winter Seasons; How-to Decorate the abode with Wreaths

As Autumn enters our lives we think about cooler weather, and the fall holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Fall is known as the time to harvest the crops. We go apple and pumpkin picking and appreciate the natural beauty that comes with the season, enjoying the outdoors knowing that the colder weather of winter is soon to follow.

With winter will come a different beauty; the pretty snow and the evergreens.

As we stroll down the avenue and take in the scenery, these are the seasons that we see beautiful wreaths adorning the entry doors of many homes. They present the beauty of the seasons with the fall colors of autumn or the evergreens of Winter. As we visit quaint country stores we see beautiful wreaths begging us to buy them to place on our own front doors.

a beautiful natural wreath to decorate for the season

It is an old Greek custom to hang a wreath of fresh flowers on your door to celebrate special occasions.

Save some money and have fun making your own wreaths. These are also great gifts to give to a hostess as you go from party to party in the holiday season.

You will need:

  •  A couple of wire coat hangers.
  • Green floral tape and light weight spool wire that can be found at craft stores
  • Branches, leaves, acorns, Pine boughs, ivy, eucalyptus sprays, box hedge stems, holly, and ferns are just a few kinds of fresh greenery you can use to make wreaths. Use what you are attracted to and have access to; be creative. Use the beautiful fall leaves, sunflowers, lavender, eucalyptus, and wheat.

Make a base using two wire coat hangers. Wire the hangers together, keeping the hanger hooks at the top, and cover with the floral tape.

Cut several 8″ to 10″ long branches of greenery.

Using the lightweight spool wire, secure the branches to the wreath base. Work down one side overlapping them so the stem ends are hidden. Keep adding branches until the wreath base is fully covered.

adorn the wreath with lovely dryed flowers and leaves

You can further embellish your wreath with decorations; such as flowers, acorns, and berries with floral wire and/ or hot glue.

If you would rather not use wire hangers then make your own grapevine, or floral, wreath. The rings are made of grass, raffia, or vines.

Make this a fun family, or girl’s night out, project. Have everyone gather a bundle of long grass. If the grass is too dry to shape into a circle wet it down before shaping it.

Bind the grass into your wreath circle with twine or floral wire.

Cut the stems of the accents you are using, like berries or flowers, to about three inches. Then place them onto the garland securing with wire.

a wreath woven out of branches of berries

Enjoy the beauty of nature welcoming your guests into your home. Never be afraid to dance!

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