Interior Decorating Using the Art of Feng Shui

Feng means wind and Shui means water. These elements are related to good health. Creating a sense of flow and balance affects assuring good health and fortune. Bad Feng Shui is randomly arranging of a space with no control, in turn causes obstacles and attracts misfortune. Very simply, if you want to feel more relaxed and less stressed, follow a few teachings taught by the art of Feng Shui when planning your space.

The Long Island Feng Shui Institute in Oyster Bay has workshops and events available to learn the foundations of feng shui. Very knowledgeable masters teach the classes. Joan Stigliano is located in Locust Valley, NY and is a Feng Shui Practitioner, Educator, and Mentor. You can take a class with her or hire Joan to come to your abode to plan out your space.

Long Island is so fast paced that we long to try anything to calm down our lives and make things more peaceful around us. Feng Shui encourages proper organization that improves the quality of life. Everyone has, at some point, walked into a space and immediately tensed up. If you had analyzed the layout, you probably would have realized that you had no clear paths, or there was too much clutter, to create a pleasant flow, and sharp edges, or colors too bright that they hurt your eyes. A mirror could have been hung on the wrong wall reflecting bad energy.  Just by doing a little rearranging with your décor can correct the balance and harmony in your life. There are many ways you can improve the energy in your home with feng shui.

arranging the elements to work for your space

The environment that surrounds us effects the way we feel. Each one of the five elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal move differently causing the surrounding energy to vary depending on arrangement. Water provides moisture for Wood to grow. Wood provides fuel for Fire. The end result of Fire is ash that becomes the soil of the earth. The Earth forms metals and minerals. Metal fills Water with life-giving substances.  Lay down in a field overlooking a pond, with all of the elements around you, and you instantly feel more relaxed.

The element of Water is associated with the flow of money so it is especially powerful for wealth and career. Crystals and fountains, or even a free form sculpture or artwork representing water are beneficial when planning a room. A mirror can represent water. Mirrors are great accents but you must be aware of where they should properly be placed. Light will bounce off a mirror, moving energy. You do not want to move the energy to the wrong place. Mirrors allow for people to see what’s behind them creating the sense of security.

water fountains can have a calming affect

The turtle is the symbol of longevity. Place a turtle sculpture or painting in the north corner of the room, facing towards the center to increase his strength. Place one behind you when you are sitting at your desk to give you encouragement.  For extra support place a Dragon Headed Turtle inside your front door on a table facing out when you leave. Turn the turtle around to face the interior when you come home. Never place a turtle in the kitchen or bathroom.

turtle is the symbol of longevity

Think circular. Circles mean harmony and unity. This creates soft edges promoting relaxation and a reduction of stress. Use a circular dining table or a wall pattern of circles. Make a circular arrangement of your furniture with a round ottoman in the center as your coffee table. You will have nothing to bump into creating a direct flow to all of the seating.

arrange furnishings in a circle

Color plays a large part in feng shui.

  • Red represents the element of fire and will bring into your abode the energy of joy and excitement. Red is the Chinese color of luck and happiness and the symbolic color of love and romance, courage and passion. Using red as accents, such as pillows or on one wall will invigorate a room.
  • Yellows represent fire and earth. It invokes sunlight and is cheerful and uplifting. The yellow color creates cozy, welcoming feng shui energy in the kitchen, living room or play rooms. For areas where red is too intense use the orange color instead.
  • Orange is often called the “social” color, because it creates the necessary energy to promote lively conversations and good times.
  • Purple is a mysterious and noble color that represents fire. Purples should be used sparingly and mostly for small accents and in a healing room or a meditation space.
  • Pink is the universal color of love. Pink will soften the energy in any space. Its gentle feng shui vibrations have soothing qualities and a calming effect on behavior. Use the color pink throughout the abode. Blue is very calming and promotes peace. It represents water.
  • Blue is excellent for use in the following feng shui areas of your home: East (Health), Southeast (Money), and North (Career).
  • Greens represent the wood element. It is the color of renewal, fresh energy and regeneration and promotes good health. Green balances the whole body by bringing healing feng shui vibrations from nature. Use several different shades in order to maximize the effects. Green in a bedroom will help you to sleep more peacefully.
  • Grey represents the element of metal and should be used sparingly and wisely. Use the color gray for accent pieces in the West (Creativity), Northwest (Helpful People) and North (Career).

Accent accessories should be meaningful objects reflecting your being. A painting reflects creativity, books show curiosity, and special photos should be placed uncluttered.

accessories should reflect your personality and encourage peacefulness

Plants are living and require care and nurturing. They inspire you to pay attention and remind you that you need to tend to your space in order for it to “blossom”. Adding accents like flowers or scented candles will keep the space fresh and the energy moving.

The most important thing to remember is that Feng Shui is mainly about creating a flow and a sense of balance. Keep the music flowing and never be afraid to dance!

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