Interior Decorate by Staying Neat and Tidy

The summer fun is over. It is back to school and work time. We need to keep the abode organized and in order at the same time that we are so busy keeping up with our work loads. Whether you are living alone, the head of a family, with your parents, or dorm mates, there are some rules to implement in order to stay ahead of an overwhelming mess.

  • Everyone should make their bed upon waking. Even if the rest of the room is a bit messy, the clean bed will avert visiting eyes away from the disorder.

    a neatly made bed will divert eyes from any disorder
  • Start each day by sweeping the bare floors. This will keep the dirt and dust at bay.
  • Towels should be neatly hung. Check that your guest towels are clean, folded, and ready.

    the bathroom should be kept neat and tidy after every use
  • After bathing quickly spray and clean bathroom surfaces. You can keep a bathroom cleanser in the tub or shower for quick use.
  • Make sure the kitchen sink is clear and clean after every meal.
  • Have the kids take care of washing their own dishware and learn to clean up after their own visitors.
  • Tables and counter tops should be kept clear of debris. Clear off newspapers and junk mail on a daily basis, as you read them. Do not let these items accumulate.
  • Have a container for recyclables to be dropped in as they are used.
  • Keep your desk papers organized so your desk and surfaces stay tidy. Keep important papers neatly stacked in letter trays or use pretty baskets or boxes. Make a tray for each member of the household. These should be sorted through weekly so that the unnecessary items can be discarded and important items can be taken care of and filed away.

    keep everyone organized
  • Dust as you go. Every day dust a different surface. It will keep your dusting time down to a minimum and you will not resent doing it. Have everyone in the household have their own designated surfaces to dust.
  • At least one day should be devoted to heavier cleaning like vacuuming and washing floors. Make sure that everyone takes turns doing these chores.
  • A check list can be made so that everyone can check off as each task is completed.

With some simple planning and doing you will not even realize that you are spending any time cleaning. This will promote a more inviting and relaxed living environment and provide the much-needed time to finish any homework and even get in some relaxation time. Find your peace and never be afraid to dance!

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