Interior Decorating Adding New Decor on a Budget

Drifting off to sleep, after you watch the home channels or read the latest magazines, you dream of how you may add a little newness to your abode. When you wake you realize it was only a dream. You long to be able to implement some new decor into your space but your budget is screaming “no, you can’t afford it”.

Take a look at your rooms and furnishings. What room are you longing to redo the most. People with endless budgets may plan to do a dream kitchen or media room. For most folks in this economy we have to work within very tight budgets. This is where a little ingenuity and elbow grease works.

New Bedding

For the dining room you can add a new table runner with fresh flowers.

Custom Made Slipcovers

Freshen up the windows with new treatments such as shades, valances, or light sheers. If you are handy you can make your own valance with the same fabric that you are using for slipcovers. You can find great deals online at Look in their outlet and clearance sections. If you have a fireplace, give it a good cleaning and place a plant on the hearth when it is not in use to bring a little of the outside inside.

Matching rug and pillows, painted accent wall

Just by purchasing a new area rug with spring colors and pillows to match can change the entire look of a room.

It is very easy to change lamp shades (you can find these at Target for reasonable prices).

You can also switch around artwork. Take a look at the furnishings in all your rooms. Just by swapping a piece, such as art or an end table, from one room to another can make an impact.

Buy some plants to add greenery. If you do not have a green thumb there are some very good artificial plants for sale that would be mistaken for real.

Wake yourself up with some fresh decor. Brighten your surroundings as you do with your wardrobe. Now drift off to sleep in your new bedding and enjoy your fresh decor.

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