Add the warmth of a fireplace even in a rented abode

The glow of the logs burning in the fireplace is cozy and adds a bit of romance to the abode. There is nothing like sitting wrapped snugly in a blanket on a rainy night in front of the flickering flame.

Unless you actually have a fireplace in the abode, most would believe this to just a dream. If you have been fantasizing about having a fireplace to cuddle up by, your dreams can now become a reality.

In addition to the traditional, permanent, fireplaces there are many alternatives to achieve the fireplace experience in any abode.

Traditional Wood Burning Fireplaces

a traditional wood burning fireplace

The ultimate in fireplaces, this is only an option if you own your home.

  • A professional will need to be hired to build a chimney and the entire fireplace structure with the venting system.
  • Be prepared for the maintenance of cleaning the ashes as well as the chimney and flue.
  • This is the true fireplace experience with the scent of wood burning.
  • A wood burning fireplace allows for the option of cooking and heating water as well.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are wonderful options for home owners.

  • These fireplaces are very convenient and much easier to install than the traditional wood burning fireplace. A professional will still have to put these permanent units in so that the gas lines, pipes, and venting are all installed properly and safely.
  • These provide a real flame and will provide heat to warm up the room.
  • Gas inserts can also be purchased to turn a wood burning fireplace into a clean alternative for easy use.

Gel Fireplaces

Gel fuel fireplaces provide the ability to have a real fire in locations, such as apartment buildings, offices, and rentals, that you would normally not have the option of a real fireplace.

  • The gel fireplace provides a real flame that flickers and crackles just as a wood burning or gas fireplace will have.

    a gel fireplace is a versatile alternative
  • They provide a little warmth from their flame.
  • These are extremely portable and versatile, available in many shapes and sizes including the traditional looking fireplace as well as tabletop versions for small spaces. Move these fireplaces from room to room.

    an anywhere gel fireplace
  • Optional scents can be added to provide additional ambiance.
  • Gel alcohol fuel is environmentally safe and friendly.
  • Make sure you have enough gel to replace cans as needed.
  • Wood burning fireplaces can be converted to use gel fuel as well.

Electric Fireplaces

These are great alternatives to ugly space heaters providing heat with a fireplace experience.

An electric fireplace gives a warm glow
  • Electric fireplaces add extra needed heat to a cold room.
  • Energy efficient with forced air heaters and thermostat heat controls.

    an electric fireplace that mimics a wood stove
  • Electric fireplaces come in many designs; traditional, contemporary, wood burning stove. There are even wall hung units to place in unique spaces such as above a bed or in a tight area.

    a contemporary electric fireplace
  • Electric fireplaces give the added option to have the glow of the fire without the heat.
  • These fireplaces must be located near an outlet.

Enjoy your new found glow. Get pleasure the dancing flame and new warmth in the abode. Invite over friends, turn on the music and never be afraid to dance!

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