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The weather is getting colder as the festive winter season holidays get near.


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Read Carol’s article to meet the wonderful founder and executive director of The Dunes

Not everyone has a problem with addiction to drugs, alcohol or another life disturbing disorder that may lead to death, but not one person can say that they hav


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Read Carol’s article to find out more about this cool apartment and to view the video

pop-up apartment

Imagine living in a tiny apartment with your family of three or four.


check out this cool micro apartment, read my article and enjoy the video @examinercom #living #lifestyle  #microapartment #microarchitecture

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Read Carol’s Examiner article to meet the amazing author of this novel filled with intrigue, romance and historical facts.

When thinking of Egypt one normally would not equate the country as being friendly to those of Jewish faith or heritage.


amazing romance, intrigue mixed with real life history, read my article to visit with the author of “City of the Sun” #celebrity #entertainment #history

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Read Carol’s article to see her personal tips on keeping curly or course hair growing and looking its best

My entire life I have been known for my wild curly hair.


Check out my personal tips for keeping curly hair growing and beautiful #hair #haircare #curlyhair #beauty #fashion #hairtips @examinercom


Read Carol’s article for loving remembrances of 9/11 and how it changed our lives.

It has been thirteen years since that morning that began like every other.


May we never forget! #911anniversary #NeverForget911 #Remember911 @examinercom #weberlifedesign #weberlifedesignspeaks


I was waiting for a way to express my thoughts on the loss of Robin Williams. I feel no living being can express the profound sadness for this loss better than William’s friend Koko

Read my article and my Digital Journal article to get the full story and view the amazing video showcasing the bond of friendship and laughter that the two friends shared.

The Gorilla Foundation posted video of a meeting between Williams and Koko in 2001, and says Koko has been sad over the news of his death.

Source: and

A touching tribute to Robin Williams by his gorilla friend Koko, worth readung and watching video links #RobinWilliams #Koko #celebrity


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