Read Carol’s article to check out the link to the great Viva Terra shopping goodies

Viva Terra sets itself aside from other shopping sites by offering beautiful stylized items at great prices with a mission of only selling products that are nat


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Read about how to get and use this great tool in Carol’s article

For free Icovia allows people to use Icovia’s amazing space planner design tools to “create their own professional floor plans in minutes”.



Have fun designing you rooms using this easy free room planner  #roomdesign #floorplanning #interiordecorating #spaceplanning @examinercom #weberlifedesign


Read Carol’s article to see her personal tips on keeping curly or course hair growing and looking its best

My entire life I have been known for my wild curly hair.


Check out my personal tips for keeping curly hair growing and beautiful #hair #haircare #curlyhair #beauty #fashion #hairtips @examinercom


Read Carol’s article to see full interview and get great beauty tips

“New York Fashion Week is in full swing just as the start of the fall allergy season has begun. With leaves starting to drop and dust and mold in the air it is even more difficult to looks one’s best with watery eyes and a red nose. Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg has teamed with Zyrtec to combat the evils of the horrified “allergy Face”.


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Read carol’s article to see how to create beautiful art out of photos encased in glass.

Fracture is a company created out of the imagination of its two founders to create a new way to order photos ready to display.


check out this cool site to upload photos to be encased in glass as decor @examinercom #art #weberlifedesign#shopping #interiordecorating #design #decor

See on Scoop.itfurnishing

Read Carol’s article for loving remembrances of 9/11 and how it changed our lives.

It has been thirteen years since that morning that began like every other.


May we never forget! #911anniversary #NeverForget911 #Remember911 @examinercom #weberlifedesign #weberlifedesignspeaks


Read Carol’s Examiner article detailing tips for mold removal

Allergies attack and more often than not one immediately puts the blame on the season.


Tips to protect a beautiful home from mold #WhyIStayed
#health #home #lifestyle #cleaning #weberlifedesign Destiny



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